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Denver Entitlement

In the realm of real estate development, the significance of a project extends beyond its design and construction phases; the initial acquisition and property assessment are equally crucial. Raptor Civil Engineering excels in collaborating with clients to swiftly and efficiently navigate the entitlement process associated with land acquisition. Leveraging industry-leading services and exceptional communication practices, RCE ensures a streamlined experience for clients. Those initiating their journey into land development can trust that their initial investment inquiry will be thoroughly assessed, setting the stage for a confident and informed progression into their project.


Land Development Entitlements

Entitlements are often overlooked and pose a significant challenge in the development process. While they are commonly associated with due diligence, there exists a distinct difference. Due diligence primarily focuses on assessing whether a site aligns with development criteria, encompassing factors like clean title, surveys, and geotechnical investigations. On the other hand, entitlements refer to legal rights granted through approvals from government entities, specifying permitted uses, intensity, building types, or placement.


These entitlements play a pivotal role in enhancing property values. Key entitlements encompass zoning, preliminary plat approval, state and regional permits (e.g., department of transportation for ingress/egress, state environmental agencies for stormwater detention), and local permits (e.g., land disturbance permits). Simply put, without the appropriate entitlements, a project cannot progress. Obtaining entitlements is a time-consuming process, typically taking six to twelve months. It is crucial to factor in the entitlement period when negotiating land contracts and assessing financial requirements for a project.



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