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Denver Land Planning Services

Our land planning team can help determine the highest and best use of your land for future residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use development. Our seasoned planners can also help navigate the rezoning, planned unit development (PUD), and many other planning hurdles that your project may face across the Denver Metropolitan Area and the State of Colorado. We have experience in the entitlement process from due diligence through jurisdiction approvals. Land planning and zoning familiarity with multiple jurisdictions across Colorado enable us to quickly work through conceptual site plan designs to arrive at a solution that meets the client’s expectations and jurisdiction requirements. Our land planners can also coordinate with jurisdictional planning staff and attend public hearings on your behalf.


A Suite of Civil Engineering Services

Our land planning team specializes in comprehensive land planning services in Denver and the State of Colorado that perfectly transition within a full suite of Civil Engineering expertise. With a focus on maximizing the potential of your land, we excel in determining the highest and best use for future residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use development projects. Whether you are navigating through the complexities of rezoning, planned unit development (PUD), or other planning hurdles, our seasoned planners are here to guide you throughout the process.


Operating across the Denver Metropolitan Area, we offer a wealth of experience in the entitlement process, starting from due diligence and extending through jurisdiction approvals. Our expertise in land planning and zoning extends to multiple jurisdictions across Colorado, allowing us to efficiently address conceptual site plan designs while meeting both client expectations and jurisdictional requirements.

Land Planning, Zoning & Permitting

In addition to our comprehensive land planning services, we understand the importance of coordination with jurisdictional planning staff and representing you at public hearings. This ensures a seamless process for your project, saving you time and effort.


Our commitment to excellence also extends to civil engineering services, including large development civil engineering. Whether your project involves residential construction, commercial construction, industrial use, mixed-use development, multi-family development, or any other aspect of land development, our dedicated team at Raptor Civil Engineering is well-equipped to meet your needs.


When it comes to land planning services in Denver and beyond, trust Raptor Civil Engineering to deliver tailored solutions that align with your vision and surpass industry standards.



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