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7 Litehomes Land Development in Virginia Village

S Dahlia St & Mississippi Ave, Glendale, CO 80236

Raptor Civil Engineering is happy to share news about redT Homes and their land development project for constructing 7 LiteHomes. Originally, this new residential development was announced back in October of 2022 by redT Homes. Construction has already started for these 7 land development projects in Virginia Village of Glendale, CO off of S Dahlia St & Mississippi Ave. They highlighted their goal and focus on building a greener Colorado by utilizing only environmentally friendly plans. That is where the term LiteHomes comes from in this announcement. Raptor Civil Engineering has been extremely supportive and excited to be a part of this mission as there a many challenges civil engineering must overcome when balancing building requirements and sustainability.

What is a land development plan using LiteHomes?

From their website, redT Homes cites that LiteHomes are, “newly constructed, LEED Gold Certified single-family homes.” These residential land development projects are thoughtfully built throughout Denver and the surrounding metropolitan area in order to be energy efficient and affordable in terms of sustainable materials and engineering. By doing so, these homes are fit to be environmentally responsible for both the homeowner and the area they reside in.

LiteHomes Pro-Environmental Aspects

All LiteHomes are designed to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. In order to do that certain considerations are made for the design, construction, and life of the building:

  • All Electric

  • No Gas

  • Solar-ready

  • Eco-friendly insulation

  • Green Building Site

  • Quality energy- rating

  • Top indoor air quality

  • design ed to exceed IECC 2018

  • Performance Compliance (IECC)

Land Development Projects Built For The Future

Raptor Civil Engineering could not be more thrilled to have provided their expertise and professional services to the redT Homes team and their LiteHomes land development project. S Dahlia & Mississippi Ave is located in the Glendale area which is also set to bring a first to the city and county of Denver; LEED Zero Certification.

LEED Zero Certified Homes

According to a recent publication, the 7 LiteHomes will be aiming to achieve a LEED Zero Certification, the highest designation for an environmentally conscious home. This will be the first in Colorado as this certification is awarded only to land development projects that have a source energy balance of zero or less in carbon, energy water, and waste. This essentially means the homes themselves will be designed to remove more carbon than they produce in a twelve-month period!

Raptor Civil Engineering is proud to be working on products that help address the concerns Denver has on natural gas, electric renewable energy, solar readiness, and eco-friendly measures. The team cannot wait for more of these types of land development projects as they all wait for more information on the current construction press of these 7 LiteHomes.

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