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America’s Infrastructure Scorecard

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) claims America’s infrastructure is deteriorating.

A recent report on America’s roads, waterways, airspace, drinking water, and renewable resources shows that collectively their conditions are deteriorating, and maintaining them has become an issue nationwide. The research shows that new infrastructure is needed and hopes for a new boom in construction will bring expansion and improvement to the current city planning areas. Communities all over the states including Denver are suffering from this impact. America’s current status is claimed to be even direr according to the Design-Build Institute of America stating that, “Our nation is at a crossroads where federal economic investment would put our vita infrastructure back on track pus revive our economy as we rebuild after COVID”. The need for ensuring sustainable and resilient infrastructure for our nation is a role that cannot be overlooked or neglected any longer.

What Was The Grade

America’s report card for the infrastructure of all cities across the country was rated a barely passing “C-”. This grade is a composite for all states, however, according to a report made back in 2020 - Colorado also happened to make the grade of “C-”. The effects of weather, wear-and-tear, and increased use from a growing population all take their toll on our infrastructure. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of an asset, but such maintenance requires robust and sustainable funding, something Colorado and the nation at large are oftentimes lacking.

What Criteria Determines Infrastructure Grades

  • Capacity

  • Condition

  • Funding

  • Future Need

  • Operation and maintenance

  • Public Safety

  • Resilience

  • Innovation

What can help Colorado’s Infrastructure

  1. Prioritizing infrastructure during state and local budget discussions and in elections can help connect disparate parts of the state, strengthen the economy, and alleviate challenges associated with a quickly growing population.

  2. Robust transit and multi-modal prioritizing in planning and funding is needed to create viable transportation alternatives to help combat congestion and pollution, especially in metropolitan areas.

  3. Colorado has unique infrastructure funding obstacles in the forms of TABOR and the Gallagher Amendment.

  4. The Colorado State Legislature should work towards increasing funding for the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) competitive grant program.

What Denver Civil Engineers Are Doing

A Civil Engineer helps plan residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use developments and construction projects. A civil engineer can help determine the feasibility of a proposed project by assessing and surveying the land to make sure it fits within communities resources. Even more, large-scale commercial projects like highway construction or water service projects can help expand and improve existing city infrastructure. Denver civil engineers are doing their absolute best to make sure the growing metro areas are built for the future. By prioritizing improvements to handle the challenges of a growing population civil engineers can help drive the development to improve Colorado’s infrastructure.

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