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Time to Permit Approval For Commercial Construction in Denver

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Major Commercial and Land Development Projects Permit Approval Reaches 154 Days

As of publishing, the Time to Permit Approval for a major commercial project or land development project can take upwards of 154 days. This information comes directly from the City and County of Denver’s Community Planning and Development website. Denver residents and builders can find a functional tool on the City website that helps many companies in the industry set realistic expectations for future development projects.

Residential Construction Takes Even Longer Than Commercial Land Development

It is no surprise with the rising interest in Denver’s real estate market; more land development projects are increasing too. Unfortunately, for the residential construction sector, permit review times for permit approval are longer than their commercial counterpart. An article found with a design-build firm, time to permit approval in Denver for a major residential project can take upwards of 200 days. Commercial land developers are saved this extreme turnaround time but only by a little.

Demand for Housing and Land Development is High

Forces driving these long wait times are undoubtedly familiar ones, such as a housing demand for Denver and the surrounding municipalities are reaching all-time highs. COVID-19 work safety concerns igniting a transition for contactless plan submittals.

Find Efficiency With Your Development Team

Extended permitting times can affect a land development project timeline drastically. Having a pre-construction team that is knowledgeable and familiar with the nuances of the permitting process will be invaluable. Professionalism, communication, and experience are the best identifiers for your next team member. Raptor Civil Engineering continually raises the bar for efficiencies in the pre-construction elements involved with land development projects. They ensure that one of many essential parts of a project is ready for permit approval.

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