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Denver SUDP 2023 Fees Updated

A land development project will always have to go through a review regarding the sewer use and drainage of the proposed structure. As part of the construction for any given project, the development or owner is required to provide adequate storm and sanitary swerve services to the land development site. This is an essential step in the beginning stages of a land development project and one that should be handled by a reputable civil engineering firm. Raptor Civil Engineering understands the long review time and process needed to complete this step in a development project.

Changes for Denver SUDP Permit in 2023

In Denver, the sewer use and drainage permits (SUDP) will be receiving an update to the fee schedule for both residential construction and commercial construction. Before any building or construction may begin, a developer/owner must provide adequate storm and sanitary sewer services to the development site. Every year, wastewater permitting from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) adjusts SUDP fees to account for inflation. Please note that all SUDP permits issued and/or paid for on or after January 1, 2023, will need to follow the new fee schedule.

What are Sewer Use and Drainage Permits (SUDP)

A Civil Engineering firm will assist the developer in providing documents that contain details and calculations regarding the proposed land development site’s effect on infrastructure. Specifically, the sewer usage and storm drainage of the area. Wastewater Engineering will review the civil engineering documents provided for the following:

  • Sites and development of one-half acre or more

  • Sanitary sewer lines

  • Storm lines

  • Drainage channels

  • Water quality facilities

These conditions will be reviewed and must be approved by a wastewater engineer for all new major land development and redevelopment projects in the City and Count of Denver.

Why work with Raptor Civil Engineering for Denver SUDP

Raptor Civil Engineering understands the requirements of the city and county of Denver, if certain details and communications are left out; it will cause the land development project costly delays. With RCE’s modern and up-to-date approach, the Raptor team can quickly and concisely return SUDP plans back to City reviewers for timely approval. Collaboration and experience are also needed to ensure these documents are being produced and processed as efficiently as possible. Learn more about why Raptor Civil Engineering should be a part of your land development team.

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