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Happy Raptor Day: Raptor Civil Engineering Celebrating 3 Years

Happy Raptor Day 2023 Denver Civil Engineering for three yeras

Civil Engineering, Done Differently. That is the motto of one of Denver’s fastest-growing engineering firms for land development, Raptor Civil Engineering, which is now celebrating its third year in the industry. Raptor Civil Engineering was founded in 2020 on the idea of being a different kind of Denver Civil Engineering firm built on communication and high expertise in the civil engineering field. The initial stages of a land development project are often viewed as some of the most critical, where a project can fail and even begin. Eric Burtzlaff saw the hurdles and barriers involved and strived to provide a professional solution that ensures a project moved toward success. As a result, Raptor Civil Engineering is celebrating its three years of non-stop growth and involvement in developing projects that can be found all over Denver and Metro Areas. Let’s take a look back on 2022 and some of the projects and accomplishments Raptor Civil Engineering has had serving Denver and surrounding Metro Areas.

Raptor Civil Engineering on the Land Development Team

Raptor has been providing professional and knowledgeable civil engineering to land development firms all over. With the team’s emphasis on project coordination and excellent communication, Raptor has helped numerous projects avoid pitfalls and break ground. With such a large repository of nuanced knowledge for land development in Denver and many other municipalities, Raptor has made a name for itself as one of the top Civil Engineering Firms in Denver. Here are some of the projects that RCE was affiliated with in the past year 2022.

First LEED Zero Neighborhood in Denver

redT Homes, at the forefront of sustainable residential development, proudly unveiled the 7 Litehomes project this year, located on E Mississippi Ave and S Dhalia Street in Denver. As part of the land development team, Raptor Civil Engineering played a crucial role in making this pioneering neighborhood a reality.

land development in denver LEED certified homes redT Homes Raptor Civil Engineering

LiteHomes, at their most standard level of qualifications, boast LEED Gold Certification, incorporating multiple energy-efficient and sustainable features. However, redT Homes has gone even further by achieving LEED Zero Certification, a groundbreaking milestone for Colorado. This certification establishes that the homes maintain a source energy balance of zero or even less in terms of carbon emissions, energy consumption, water usage, and waste generation.

In essence, these homes are designed to surpass environmental standards: they remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they produce, generate surplus energy that can be shared with the grid, and implement innovative water-saving practices that enable them to reuse as much water as they consume over a 12-month period.

Raptor Civil Engineering is proud to be associated with visionary companies like redT Homes, committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable land development projects. Together, we are shaping a greener and more sustainable future for Denver and beyond.

Future Development Along 38th Ave

Raptor Civil Engineering continues to play a key role in transformative development projects in Denver. One such project is located at 3674 W 38th Avenue, where an old auto body shop is being considered for a remarkable redevelopment initiative. The owner of this 1,324-square-foot property has submitted an ambitious proposal to construct a 4-story, 43-unit apartment building.

With Raptor Civil Engineering's expertise and support, the owner's vision for this property is set to become a reality, and the team is eagerly anticipating the groundbreaking of this exceptional project. As this Denver area along 38th Avenue experiences an influx of multiple projects announced, it is emerging as a hotspot for future developments. Naked Denver, along with the rest of the community, is thrilled to witness the growth and transformation of this vibrant neighborhood.

As Denver's urban landscape continues to evolve, Raptor Civil Engineering remains dedicated to contributing to projects that shape the city's future and enhance the lives of its residents. Together with forward-thinking property owners and developers, Raptor Civil is committed to making Denver a dynamic and thriving metropolis for years to come.

Even more LEED Certified Homes

Continuing in the same vein, redT Homes has put forward a proposal for the redevelopment of another Auto Body Shop, this time embarking on a venture to introduce 25 LEED Certified townhomes at the intersection of 38th Avenue and Perry Street in the Berkley neighborhood. Collaborating with Raptor Civil Engineering, redT Homes aims to create a sustainable and eco-friendly living space.

Raptor Civil Engineering Land Development consulting redT homes

While the plans are still in progress, the envisioned project strives to incorporate cutting-edge technology and design elements to earn the coveted LEED certifications. High-efficiency appliances and HVAC systems are key components in their sustainability strategy, targeting lower energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.

In addition to these features, redT Homes place a strong emphasis on maximizing natural lighting and air circulation throughout the townhomes. This thoughtful approach is expected to enhance the buildings' energy efficiency, reducing the overall carbon footprint and aligning with their eco-conscious objectives.

The proposed development stands as a testament to the commitment of redT Homes and Raptor Civil Engineering to building a greener future for the community while providing modern, comfortable, and environmentally responsible homes for potential residents.

Civil Engineers Working in Denver Land Development

Denver's insatiable need for new housing, land development, and construction creates an everlasting demand, ensuring that civil engineers always have their hands full. Consequently, the company they work for and the environment they operate in play a crucial role. As Raptor Civil Engineering marks its third anniversary, several employees take a moment to reflect on their journey with Raptor and the notable achievements they've accomplished so far.


Working at Raptor immerses you in a dynamic environment that allows you to blend your technical skills while coordinating with diverse teams. Due to the size of our company and the breadth of knowledge across our entire leadership team, the transfer of knowledge not only ensure our clients get the most efficient designs, but it also allows us to grow individually at a pace I would never see at one of our competitors.

Raptor Day 2023 Civil Engineer Design Engineer II


How do you feel your role at Raptor Civil is making a difference?

I feel that my role helps make a difference in the Colorado Civil Engineering Industry. We help bridge the gap between a quality product and great communication and project coordination. Usually, you get one or the other - Here we do both.

Raptor Civil Engineering Design Engineer I Denver Land Development Jobs

Jennifer Scheer, EI, DESIGN ENGINEER I

I love how encouraging and helpful everyone on the team is. I love how we can maintain a fun work environment while also being professional and upholding a great reputation with clients.

Denver Design Engineer I Raptor Civil Engineering Land Development Construction Civil Engineering

In just three years, Raptor Civil Engineering has emerged as a trailblazer in the Denver land development industry, embodying their motto of "Civil Engineering, Done Differently." Founded on a vision of effective communication and high expertise, Raptor has contributed significantly to the city's sustainable future. Their commitment to eco-friendly living spaces is evident in their collaboration with redT Homes on multiple ventures. Moreover, the team's passion and dedication to their work underscore the positive impact they are making on the Colorado Civil Engineering Industry. With a focus on excellence and innovation, Raptor Civil Engineering is undoubtedly at the forefront of Denver's dynamic and thriving metropolis.

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