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Civil Engineering, Done Differently.

It is with tremendous excitement that I announce Denver's newest Civil Engineering firm, Raptor Civil Engineering!! I have been working towards this day for the last 15 years and I finally took my first step into the world of business ownership. My mission is to create a civil engineering business that does things differently. Raptor Civil Engineering (RCE) strives to use our experience along the front range to create a different project experience that from the first moment of the projects kick-off gets on the right track and stays on the tracks through approval and ultimately, construction.

What type of services will you offer?

We offer a wide-variety of civil engineering services including:

  • Due Diligence

  • Conceptual Site Design

  • Site Grading Design

  • Erosion Control Design

  • Roadway Design

  • Utility System Design

  • Earthwork Analysis

  • Drainage design include Detention, Water Quality, and Master plans

You can check out more at the website:

Raptor Civil Engineering (RCE) does not have in-house surveying and/or landscape architecture. That said, we are always happy to collect bids from these consultants as part of our scope to keep things streamlined in the proposal phase of the project.

Where do you offer services?

We are Colorado licensed and have experience with hundreds of projects across nearly all jurisdictions of the Front Range from Pueblo to Fort Collins. Eric Burtzlaff, Principal and Lead Engineer, has been providing stellar service for the last 10 years in Colorado and will bring that service level to RCE's clients/projects.

What types of projects do you do?

We really do it all. We've got experience in everything from Single-Family Residential to 100 acre Masterplans. We do townhomes, apartments, duplexes, and custom single-family lots. We do residential, commercial, mixed-use, industrial, State, and Federal projects. We do everything from due diligence to as-builts (and everything in between).

So how is Raptor Civil Engineering doing Civil Engineering differently?

Fixed Fee Contracts

While its difficult to provide a fixed fee contract that does not end up needing adjustment at the beginning of a project, RCE strives to provide as few contractual surprises as possible. We remove open-ended scope from our proposal and offer a true fixed fee contract. We even list potential add-services and prices we see on the proposal if there's not enough information at time of proposal. While add-services will come up, RCE will ensure these are never a surprise to our clients by providing quick, thoughtful communication any time that a change is needed.

Senior Leadership Involvement

RCE makes a promise to our clients to have ownership involved in all projects from start to finish. You will not be "handed off" or looked over. You can always sleep easy know that there's experience behind all decisions being made on your project.

Aggressive Pricing

RCE has experience to know what goes into each project and uses that experience to properly price and scope your project. We are a small company able to provide your project with aggressive pricing that competitors with more overhead will have issues.


Most firms have rules asking their employees to respond within 24 hours. We don't think that's enough at Raptor Civil Engineering. We always make a point to answer our phones, respond to e-mails and even text our clients if can't chat right now. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the communication they need to keep their project moving forward.

We call this the 'Raptor Way'. We look forward to showing you the difference. As we grow, these are the pillars we will continue to build the company. We hope to grow with you.

This all sounds amazing. How do I get a proposal from you for my upcoming project?

Go to our website's contact section and reach out via call, text, and/or e-mail!

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