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Pueblo Luxury Apartments Coming Soon Overlooking Arkansas River

Team Raptor is happy to relay a recent announcement made by Pueblo, CO KRDO, that a new luxury apartment is coming! Why? Because the Raptor Civil Engineering team helped with this large multi-family commercial construction project, of course! The new housing development is coming to Pueblo and they are considered a luxury offering to the city.

Civil Engineering For Multi-Family Commercial Construction

The new apartment complex was designed by Venture Architecture, a Denver-based company, along with the help of Raptor Civil Engineering. Both teams had their work cut out for each other as the multi-family commercial construction project is large in scope. The new Pueblo, CO luxury apartments will come in a total of six stories. In addition, the apartment complex will feature many amenities such as a gym, coffee shop, spa, and more. Designing and consulting civil engineering expertise for such a project is a large undertaking but was not anything team Raptor couldn’t handle. Raptor Civil Engineering is familiar with large-scale land development projects that commercial multi-family housing to areas.

The Apartment Complex will Overlook the Arkansas River

This new luxury offering apartment complex will be constructed to have a wonderful view of the Arkansas River. The new units will be built off Pearl St. and southeast of the 4th Street Bridge. According to the developer, Pueblo, CO can expect to see the completion of this land development project to be finished in 2024. Raptor Civil Engineering cannot for the groundbreaking and construction to start - but in the meantime are excited to have performed civil engineering in Pueblo, CO.

Luxury vs. Affordable Housing

This new land development project will introduce brand new luxury apartments to the area and those units will be priced accordingly. At the time of the article, the rent is projected to be between $1,500 and $2,000 a month. However, there is some concern about the need for affordable housing. John Wark, one of the developers for the project, was interviewed and addressed this, “There is a demand for more upscale housing in Pueblo, CO. All housing has to be affordable by somebody or it cant be built so there is a demand for this…”

Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar agrees and says he believes it will free up other apartment complexes.

“Once this apartment project is built even though it will be market rate and people will be paying much higher rent there than some other place they will be moving out of places that other people will be moving into.”

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