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Sustainable Housing Developed with 25 Leed Certified Townhomes

raptor civil engineering W 38th ave & Perry redevelopment aerial shot
raptor civil engineering W 38th ave & Perry redevelopment aerial shot

As reported in Naked Denver, Raptor Civil Engineering is excited to share exciting news about new residential development in Denver. Redt Homes, a Denver-based full-service residential developer specializing in sustainable and energy-efficient homes, has exciting news to share. They have recently achieved the successful rezoning of an auto service building located at the prominent intersection of 38th Avenue and Perry Street in the Berkley neighborhood of Denver.

This significant accomplishment opens up new possibilities for Redt Homes to further their commitment to eco-friendly housing solutions in the area. By repurposing the auto service building, they can now embark on a transformative project that aligns with their vision of promoting greener living spaces.

Raptor Civil Engineering assisted with the civil engineering requirements and planning throughout the rezoning process. Redt Homes plan to bring their expertise in sustainable construction to the Berkley neighborhood, enhancing the community's well-being and contributing positively to the local environment.

25 LEED Certified Townhomes

Redt Homes have unveiled their redevelopment plans for the 0.58-acre site at the corner of 38th Avenue and Perry Street in the Berkley neighborhood of Denver. Their project aims to transform this space into modern housing featuring 25 townhomes, all seeking the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

A LEED-certified home refers to a residential building that has achieved certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, which is developed and administered by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED is a globally recognized green building certification program that assesses the environmental performance and sustainability of buildings.

To attain LEED certification for a home, the construction and design of the building must meet specific criteria in various categories, such as energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, sustainable materials usage, site selection, and innovation in design. These categories are collectively aimed at reducing the building's environmental impact, promoting resource efficiency, and enhancing the well-being of its occupants.

By choosing to live in a LEED-certified home, homeowners can contribute to environmental conservation, lower their energy bills, and enjoy the benefits of a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, LEED certification provides a tangible way for homebuyers to identify homes that prioritize eco-friendly practices and adhere to high environmental standards.

Rezoning and Civil Engineering

The old auto service building was a unique piece of property that covers 0.58 acres of mixed-use space. One of the first hurdles for this project was determining the feasibility of any type of land development available. Oftentimes, this process needs to happen quickly so land developers and ownership groups can close on the property as soon as possible. Civil Engineers play a pivotal role in this initial stage. Raptor Civil Engineering worked with redT Homes to determine the feasibility of a development project and assess the land to ensure that it was suitable for a planned development.

Naturally, Denver’s Community Planning and Development requires many different department approvals before a residential development can begin construction. Of those, Denver’s Zoning Board is responsible for the proper designation and use of structure. The old auto service building would need to have its lot rezoned to allow for residential use. Redt Homes has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the rezoning approval for the auto service building in the Berkley neighborhood. The rezoning enables Redt Homes to expand the project's scope and strategically utilize the location for sustainable housing.

Projected Completion Date and Product

Redt Homes are embarking on an ambitious timeline to complete the project within 12-18 months, having already started the process of acquiring permits for demolition and construction. The neighbors in the area are eagerly looking forward to the additional housing options and anticipate an increase in property values. The townhomes will vary in size from 1,351 square feet to 2,033 square feet, and the development will include two dedicated affordable units. Construction is scheduled to commence in the near future, and prospective buyers are encouraged to reach out to Redt Homes for more information about this exciting opportunity and secure their spot in this thriving community.

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