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Tennyson St Land Development Project Breaking Ground

We are excited to share this new mixed-use land development project with you! These land development projects will be breaking ground at Tennyson St in the Berkely Neighborhood! The project will feature a diverse retail and restaurant space mix to offer the area a well-rounded community of attractions. In addition to those commercial spaces, the Tennyson St Land Development Project will construct 28 apartment units for multifamily housing. The land development project will also build three brownstones for those looking for a more permanent stay within this new community. Brownstones are also known as townhouses within multi-use structures.

Rendering provided courtesy of MmD Architecture.

Raptor Civil Engineering could not be more thrilled with the land development's progress. The team was able to provide professional consulting and insight to navigating city and county requirements for the project. Civil Engineers have to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project and coordinate with other engineers and architects, like MmD Architecture who so kindly provided these renderings. All of this was necessary to work as a team for getting the permits and the clearance to begin construction. Raptor Civil Engineering can not wait for more news following this groundbreaking and hear more about the construction progress of this land development project.

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